» Get fast payday loans only with your ID

Get fast payday loans only with your ID

Getting financing today is easier than ever. Mini-loans can be requested only with ID without moving from home through the Internet. Thanks to the mini loans you can get an extra liquidity in minutes every day of the year to pay for any unforeseen event.

Who grants mini loans presenting only the DNI?

Currently, we can get all the money we need without having to suffer long lines and heavy paperwork. This is possible thanks to the fast payday loans, with which we can get the liquidity we need without hardly having to give personal information- get it quickly.

When we talk about mini loans instantly, we refer to a type of non-bank loan, since it is managed by private companies that allow us to get up to 1,000 euros to be repaid in a short period of time that usually does not exceed 30 days. The mini loans only with DNI are managed by private equity entities that assure us the total security of the transactions, as well as the data that we provide them.

How much do the mini credits cost without paperwork?

The average interest of the minicréditos is around 1.1% daily, although it can vary according to the financial institution to which we go. Taking as reference the interest rate indicated above, if we were to apply for a loan of 100 euros and return it after 30 days, we would pay 133 euros.

As the repayment period of the mini loans does not usually exceed 30 days, looking at your APR is not a good mechanism to compare and know the true price of mini loans without paperwork. This is because the APR is an annual rate and not on a daily basis. For this reason, we use the formula “100 euros to 30 days” that will allow us to compare between the different entities.

Mini-credits for free or with discounts to save

Currently, we can find offers that allow us to get mini loans only with DNI and, in addition, free, that is, returning only the money they have lent us, without interest or hidden fees.

Therefore, not all lenders offer it, but those that do it always have new customers only. We can also find companies that offer discounts on interest to new customers. For the already clients we find loyalty plans with which you can take larger amounts of money at a lower price.

In HelpMyCash.com we have developed a ranking that we update constantly with the best mini-credits in the market so that you can find the one that best suits you.

Can I request mini-credits if my ID has expired?

The national identity document (DNI or NIE) is one of the essential documents to obtain the financing we are looking for since the credit company serves to verify our identity and to prove that we are of legal age and live in Spain. In addition, with the DNI we will prevent others from using our data in an irresponsible manner. Therefore, having it expired will not allow us to access financing.

All the mini-loan entities without paperwork specify the fundamental requirement that the identity document must be in force for our application to be approved. However, some entities (not all of them) will allow us to get mini-credits even with the expired DNI provided that we present, jointly, our current passport.

Can you get mini loans without having a payroll?

Not having a payroll as a source of income is no longer a problem to get financing. However, we should not believe that we can apply for a loan without having any income. If we do not have a payroll, we will have to present an alternative income, that transmits confidence to the lender and that is a guarantee that we can really face the return of the mini-loans without payroll. In the following video we explain the requirements that our income must meet:

As explained by our expert in finance, these are the three features that our income must meet:

  • Be regular Every month you must enter an amount of money that assures the lender that what the mini-loan will last the only dni we will have the income to return it.

  • Have a sufficient amount. The income that we receive will have to have an amount high enough to be able to return the credit and the fees of this and, logically, to be able to attend the rest of our financial obligations (rent or mortgage, food, etc.).

  • Have a justifiable origin. The origin of our income must be legal and therefore justifiable with a document.

If our income meets these three characteristics, in principle we can access the financing we need without any problem. Among the incomes that meet these requirements are the self-employed, the scholarship holders, those who have a rental to third parties, pensioners or sometimes even people who receive unemployment benefits.

How to contract mini loans without paperwork?

The minicréditos are characterized by the little documentation required to be hired. However, it is necessary to verify our identity and certify that the information on the form is true. Normally, it will be enough to present our identity document (ID, NIE or passport), a proof of income and a bank statement, so that they know our account number, our income, and periodic expenses.

We will have to attach them in the online form that we send when making the requestor in an email and send it to the lender. In any case, the lender to whom we are going will already tell us how to perform each step.

Luckily, thanks to the application of fintech in their processes, it is now possible to get mini-credits only with the DNI and even sometimes without submitting any paperwork. Many lenders use online identification applications such as Instantor or Pich to certify the identity of the applicant, their income and that the data of the form coincide, without having to deliver any document.

When is it advisable to ask for mini credits online?

Due to the characteristics of the quick mini-credits, it is not recommended that we use them on a recurring basis since we run the risk of becoming over-indebted and entering into a spiral of defaults from which it will be very difficult for us to exit.

Therefore, mini loans only with the DNI are only recommended if we need to get money to alleviate situations of financial shortage on time, such as coping with unforeseen economic or high spending times such as Christmas or back to school.

It will be advisable to request them as long as we have a sufficient level of solvency to deal with your refund without problems. The Bank of Spain recommends that we do not allocate more than 30% of our income to the payment of debts. If we follow your advice we make sure you have economic solvency, which will bring us financial stability and personal peace of mind.